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The Healing Power of Art

Hope after war

As long-term marketing partners of the charity, Find A Better Way, we were only too pleased to support the launch of a brand new initiative, focussing on rehabilitation and support for communities affected by the traumas of conflict. The new direction of the organisation, founded by footballing legend Sir Bobby Charlton, is based on the establishment of Sir Bobby Charlton Centres in war-torn regions across the globe. The charity’s funds, which have until now gone into de-mining activities and new technologies, will be channelled ongoing into healing the many physical and psychological scars caused by the legacy of war.

A vision brought to life

Our talented in-house illustrator helped bring the new concept to life with her stylistic depictions of how the centres will manifest themselves around the world. Whether it be a Centre for Education and Training in the Middle East, a Centre for Safe Play in Asia or even a Centre for Rehabilitation within a refugee camp, the visuals enabled the the charity’s board of trustees to envisage the exciting new direction of their vital work.

The power of art

As the charity’s vision became reality, the first Sir Bobby Charlton Centre for Support and Rehabilitation was opened in Amman Jordan –  complete with dual language signage created by the team at Bella Design.

The Centre will engage in a wide variety of services that cater to both the physical and mental health needs of its patients. Besides physical therapy for those with spinal cord injuries or civilians who have lost a limb from a blast trauma injury, there is an extensive art therapy programme for children who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Dual Language Signage

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