A dual-language microsite for a global media supplier

DMD, a long-term, valued client of Bella Design & Marketing, provides print and digital media services to airlines and international travel operators across the globe. 

Having previously designed and built the company’s corporate website, our creative team, rose to the challenge of producing a territory-specific microsite to serve the company’s client base in Southeast Asia. The microsite needed to provide relevant content to a region-specific audience, and whilst reflecting the look and feel of the global website, also required its own individual identity.

The airline industry is international, almost by definition, and English has long since been its common language. However, in order to engage effectively with their other core sector, Publishing, DMD felt it important to also translate the site into Thai. The navigational device of country flags, allows the user to select their language preference with ease.


“The Thai publishing sector does business largely in its native tongue, and our aim is that a Thai language site will reach out to parts of the market we might have only limited engagement with.”

Paul Rayson, Managing Director, DMD

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