Google pay per click (PPC) campaigns

Reach your target audience quickly and effectively with a well constructed and actively managed Adwords marketing campaign.

Pay Per Click is a marketing process which involves paying Google to direct traffic onto your website. Google’s Pay Per Click service, Adwords, is the most popular facility in the field of online marketing.

Adwords has undergone some significant changes recently, changes that will continue, which means it is worthwhile considering engaging a professional agency to implement and manage your Google PPC campaign

With Adwords, you set a daily budget and pay out of that budget every time someone clicks on one of your advertisements. You are able to specify who the ads are visible to, the content of the ads and the words or phrases that are searched for

The cost of each click can vary from a few pence to a few pounds, depending on the demand for the chosen key word or phrase, so an Adwords budget is an important part of Google PPC management.

Key differences between SEO and PPC

A business cannot expect to experience high levels of quality organic traffic as soon as the site is live, and building credibility with Google and the other major search engines via SEO takes time. So PPC is worth considering for new websites as it allows you to build traffic to your site over time.

PPC traffic is available immediately and can be switched on and off as required. If a business is mostly dependent on its website for generating sales then PPC becomes all but essential. PPC is also great if you have a short term offer or incentive that you may want to promote online.

We will always seek to maximise the impact of your PPC budget, regardless of the size of your budget.

The reality is that today, setting up and running a PPC campaign takes time and a commitment to test and review constantly. It can be difficult for businesses to analyse and make constructive use of the statistical analysis produced for a campaign due to the time it takes to review, analyse and take action on the results. Bella Design and Marketing can instigate, analyse and manage your PPC campaign to ensure you get the most from your budget.

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