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25th April 2013

New website launched for Cheshire based King Street Energy

We’re delighted to announce the launch of a brand new website for Cheshire based King Street Energy. The website has been built with Parallax Scrolling, giving the site a sensation of depth and offering the visitor an interesting browsing experience

The term is derived from the Greek παράλλαξις (parallaxis), meaning “alteration”. Nearby objects have a larger parallax than more distant objects when observed from different positions, so parallax scrolling can be used to determine distances

Take a look at the King Street Energy website here

King Street is a salt cavern underground gas storage (UGS) business which is being developed by King Street Energy (KSE), near Northwich, Cheshire

The location benefits from excellent geological characteristics, construction and commercial flexibility

The business has received all of the key planning permission consents required to enable the development to proceed. The KSE UGS business consists of 10 underground gas storage caverns with a trading gas capacity of 348 million cubic metres (mcm)

The King Street Energy site is around 245 acres. It will be constructed to store gas in underground cavities leached in the salt layer some 330m below the surface, each cavern will be 100m in diameter, 60meters high and will be 200m apart. The thick salt layer coupled with the overlying marl makes the conditions ideal for gas storage

Gas storage construction, due to its nature, takes approximately 5 years from starting design to initial operations and approximately 8 years to complete to full storage size

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